Heroes into Homes

GOAL:          $60,900

Collected:    $  2,097


last updated: 11/10/17

Expected to open Nov 2017, with move-ins schedule Nov-Dec 2017, the Victory Park Apartments are currently being constructed in Lincoln, NE (near the VA hospital). The complex will have 70 individual apartment units for homeless or near homeless Veterans.

Unfortunately, without community support these Veterans will move into empty apartments.

The CVMA is currently seeking donations to assist in supporting Heroes into Homes efforts to furnish 70 apartment units. This is a HUGE under-taking, and will not be possible without the assistance of local residents and businesses.

We are seeking donations that will be used to purchase new items to furnish 70 individual apartments for homeless or near homeless Veterans. Donations of any amount are welcome. Please consider selecting one of our Supporter Categories Below:

 $   41.00 THE HEAD HONCHO furnishes a bathroom
 $  103.00 MESS HALL MASTER furnishes a kitchen
 $  330.00 BARRACKS BUYER furnishes a bedroom
 $  414.00 ORDERLY ORDER-ER furnishes a living room
 $  888.00   VICTORY VETERAN furnishes an entire apartment

If you prefer to donate new item(s) in lieu of cash please send an email to info@cvma162.org or link up with us at one of our events (posted on Facebook).

As a 501(c)19 organization, your donation is tax deductible.

Alone No More

They stroll past me without a glare or sight
To settle in their home this cool fall night
I sit on my stoop, tattered jeans, a dirty face
Reflecting on my life and the sacrifices I make

For love of country, honor, and respect
The price I paid, is it worth neglect
Once I was a warrior, a man, a brother
Who’d of given his life for any other

Now I am a bum, a vagrant, a slum...
Invisible are my scars and present this numb
I ask for no favors nor handouts nor chores
Luckily for me - my brothers opened a door

My chance is now to get things straight
To climb back up, its never too late
Challenges are ahead, struggles too
But I will not be a statistic, because of you!

Sarah “Almost” Rowe