Board of Directors


Chad "Weebles" Rowe
 Sergeant at Arms
Chapter Public Relations Officer

Appointed Positions

Public Relations

Membership Info
Interested in joining the CVMA 16-2 Family. All memberships are approved by our National CVMA organization. Fill out our Contact Form online or email our State Rep: Terry "Zipper" Peck

who will be in contact with you to assist through the membership process.

Full Membership Requirements:

  • Veteran of a Foreign War, "Combat"
  • Be of Good Character
  • Complete Application
  • Submit a copy of your DD 214 or ERB/ORB
  • Own and operate a motorcycle of 500cc or above
  • Pay nominal national and chapter dues (annually)

Please note: We are not, and never will claim to be, a Motorcycle Club. As such, we claim no territory; do not Prospect or Probate our membership; we allow both male and female “full” members and collect small annual dues. We have no "Harley-Davidson Only" motorcycle requirements.